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How often should the password be changed? Beautiful Pichai told his habit

 How often should the password be changed? Beautiful Pichai told his habit

File photo: Reuters 

  • He believes in two-factor authentication.

Passwords should be changed regularly. You must have read it in various reports. But Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave a slightly different answer. How often does he change the password?

How often does the CEO of Google change the password?

Sundar Pichai said that he did not change his password again and again. Rather, he believes in two-factor authentication. Even if you give the password through this, you can log in by giving the phone number or OTP that came through e-mail. He thinks it is more effective than changing the password repeatedly.

How many phones does the head of the world's largest search engine have?

"I always have to try new technology, software," said Sundar Pichai. That's why he regularly uses new phones. Occasionally he has about 20 new phones, said Sundar Pichai.

Beautiful Pichai let his children call the phone?

In an interview with the BBC, Sundar Pichai said he thinks technology will be a big part of the new generation's life. So they need to adapt to it from the beginning.

Do you allow children to use YouTube in your home? 'Yes,' said Sundar Pichai.

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