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Slow Internet Speed: Slow internet speed even with 4G connection? Keep learning these rules

 Slow Internet Speed: Slow internet speed even with 4G connection?  Keep learning these rules

Slow Internet Speed: The phone has a 4G connection.  Is the internet too slow?  Use this method.

Problems with Slow Internet Speed ​​despite having 4G connection!  Then keep learning this trick.  You will get hundreds of results in hand.

Some phones have an automatic setting when the SIM card is inserted.  However, some phones have to be reset manually.  Settings are very important to increase the speed of the Internet.

First of all go to phone settings and choose 4G or LTE in Preferred Type of Network.

Access Point Network or APN settings need to be adjusted to speed up the Internet.  Set the default to APN Type.  Select the IPv4 / IPv6 option by clicking on the APN protocol.  Save the settings by leaving the IPv4 / IPv6 option in the APN roaming protocol.

Do not forget to clear the Cache regularly. The phone will be provided when the Unwanted file is submitted. Many times a video play or download someone on the phone and the internet speed increases.

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