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Nitin Patel, who was hoping to become the Chief Minister, was not even the Deputy CM, then the pain was spilled; Vaghela is adding ghee to the fire?

 During the formation of the new government in Gujarat, Nitin Patel, who was being told ahead in the race for the post of Chief Minister, was earlier disappointed by not getting promotion, then now his pain has increased due to the loss of the post of Deputy Chief Minister.  Veteran Patidar leader Nitin Patel may have publicly denied that he is angry, but his mind comes to the fore when he is scraped.

Patel remained on the stage of the ceremony of Raj Bhavan during the swearing-in of the new ministers, but when reporters asked him questions after coming out, his bitterness came on his tongue.  When he was asked about the displeasure of the old ministers and their supporters, at first he spoke in a very philosophical way about the pain of losing something and the happiness from getting it and called it the natural law of the world.

However, his face was very pale.  But earlier, he had also reiterated that he was in the hearts of the people when he was not in the government and was not able to get anyone out of there.  But when he was asked what he would do to persuade the disgruntled supporters of the party, his aching heart got suppressed.  Patel, who was alone at his residence for almost the entire day on Wednesday amid reports of meeting staunch anti-Modi leader and former Union minister and former chief minister Shankersinh Vaghela, said in a stern tone, "If anyone is angry, it is not my responsibility to see him."  It has to be seen by the present leadership.

It is worth mentioning that Patel had created trouble for the party high command in 2017 by adopting an open rebellious attitude for not giving himself the finance ministry after the last elections.  In the end, the top leadership had to give this portfolio to them, bowing down.  There is still a lot of speculation that he might feed some guls.

On the other hand, Vaghela tweeted on Thursday, "Today's politics is no less than Mahabharata!  If the principles and self-respect come to a standstill, then fighting the Kauravas of one's own family is the right religion and action.  This religious war is not only for the protection of self-respect but for the welfare of the entire state.  Whenever such a situation arises, 'Ajuna' will have to fight without any hesitation.'  It is also being linked to Patel.


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