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SBI Fastag – Recharge & Apply Online, Fastag Login

 SBI Fastag – Recharge & Apply Online, Fastag Login will be discussed here. SBI Fastag recharge details are available here. This is India’s largest bank, with its branches spread far and wide across the country. State Bank of India customers has many primary and secondary bank accounts. Recharge online and avoid cashless payments with SBI Fastag. Get your SBI Fastag refund online and on the go.

SBI Fastag

It is well known that FASTag will become mandatory for everyone traveling and using the government highways shortly. For customers of the State Bank of India to get SBI FASTag for their vehicle, there are 3 steps to follow.

With SBI’s online account, you may also be able to make your FASTag to keep the process of our transactions as simple as possible. Your FASTag recharge will be easier when you have a bank account, and you will prevent violating certain rules that the Indian government lays down.

SBI FASTag HelpDesk

In addition to using the online services, applications for FASTags are accepted at the State Bank of India branches. To activate their State Bank of India FASTag on their vehicle, customers need only have their account information and vehicle information.

ServiceSBI Fastag
ModeOnline and Offline
State bank Fastag helpline1800110018
MoRTH/NHAI/IHMCL helpline1033
Helpdesk Mailhelpdesk.fastag@sbi.co.in

Here are the methods you can use if you are an SBI bank customer and looking to get your FASTag. Within 7 days after successful registration, you will receive your FASTag via speed post at your communication address.

SBI Fastag

Charges for SBI FASTag:

SBI FASTags charges are listed below:

  • All categories of vehicles are charged Rs.100 as the issuance fee for the FASTag. Taxes are included in this amount.
  • Additional Fees: When you apply for an SBI FASTag, the bank charges a minimum amount for security assurance, which varies depending on the vehicle type. The SBI FASTag fee is refundable when the account is closed.

Documents needed for SBI FASTag

When creating your State Bank of India account, you’ll need a few documents to submit. Take a look at these documents and make sure you have each one with you when you sign up.

  • Bank account info
  • Registration number
  • Photograph
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of government identification

When applying for the FASTag through the bank, Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation is required because the FASTag is linked to a prepaid or savings account. A vehicle registration certificate (RC) and the application form must be submitted with the KYC documents. The following categories are available for opening an SBI FASTag account:

Holders of KYC FASTags with limited accessFASTag account holder with full KYC
The maximum balance in prepaid accounts is 20,000 rupees. There is a limit of Rs.20,000 for reloads.Up to Rs.1 lakh can be added to prepaid accounts. There is no limit on how many times you can reload.
Documents Required: KYC information (ID and address proof, RC copy, your photo.)Documents Required: Full KYC information (ID and Address Proof, RC copy, and your photograph.

Getting State Bank of India’s FASTag from the bank

Here is the process a customer should follow if they visit a State Bank of India branch to get their FASTag.

  • Find a branch of SBI Bank and bring your documents there
  • To apply for your FASTag, fill out the application form and send it to FAS Tag
  • To verify your vehicle and bank details, please provide your RC and bank details
  • Make sure your details are correct and submit your application
  • An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number once the application for your State Bank of India FASTag has been processed.

SBI FASTag Online Application

Suppose you are an existing customer of State Bank of India and have access to internet banking or Yono Bank services. Make sure you follow these steps so that you can register your FASTag as soon as possible.

  1. If you want to log in to SBI net banking, you can do so through Yono’s website or by visiting fastag.onlinesbi.com.
  2. Choose FASTag from the menu bar of your webpage.
  3. Complete the following fields with the registration number of your vehicle
  4. Upload the RC and check the details once filled out
  5. You may now make your FASTag payment
  6. You will be registered once your payment has been processed
  7. It’s that simple, we’ll send you the State Bank of India FASTag for your vehicles, and you’ll get the physical card through the mail.

The State Bank of India FASTag application process

If you prefer not to use any of these methods, you can also go directly to a POS center near you to register.

  • If you’d like to know your nearest POS center, please call 1800 11 0018
  • Obtain FASTag by visiting the center with your required documents
  • Submit all your documents according to the instructions on the application form
  • A POS center executive will activate your card once you register
  • At the same time, the State Bank of India FASTag for your car will be fixed by an executive, as the process will be triggered simultaneously.

FASTag can be obtained through SBI Bank’s POS or offline service

For those traveling by toll (POS) cross-border, you’ll need to obtain SBI FASTags at designated toll plazas. In addition, you can get the FASTag by walking into any SBI branch. You must carry supporting documents such as your KYC documents and vehicle documentation. In addition, the FASTag must be obtained from the POS. Your car will be fitted with the SBI FASTag by our representative. If you want to recharge the FASTag account, you can pay by cash at the POS.

The charges associated with SBI FASTag

For the FASTag, the State Bank of India has similar changes as other banks. State Bank of India charges you the following fees when creating your FASTag.

ParticularsSBI Fastag Charges
Fees for insuranceYou can create cards at POS centers, through banks, or online for Rs. 100
Other ChargesNA
Cars, Jeeps, mini tata Aces, vans, and small commercial vehicles are four examples of four types.A balance of at least 100 rupees and 200 rupees is required
Class 5 vehicles are light commercial vehiclesRs 300 security deposit and Rs 140 minimum balance
Trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles of the 3-Axle Commercial classMinimum deposit of 300 rupees and 400 rupees security deposit

SBI FASTag Recharge

What is your FASTag from the State Bank of India? This is a list of steps you need to follow to get recharge money on your prepaid account.

  1. Fastag.onlinesbi.com is the official SBI FASTag website
  2. You can now log in with your username and password
  3. The payment page will appear after you select Tag Recharge
  4. You can proceed by clicking on the Pay Now button and entering the amount
  5. From your account, choose any payment method you want to use
  6. You will then receive an SMS notification on your mobile number regarding the recharge of your State Bank of India FASTag account.

SBI FASTag Recharge Online Procedures

SBI FASTag prepaid accounts can be recharged in the following ways:

  • You can use the internet banking facility of SBI to top up your account by logging into the FASTag portal.
  • Recharging the SBI FASTag account can also be done using credit or debit cards.
  • With more banks offering digital modes of payments, you can recharge your FASTag account through several UPI apps, such as Bhim, Paytm, and Google Play.

SBI FASTag: How Does It Work?

It allows drivers to drive through toll plazas without stopping by attaching an electronic toll collection device to their windscreen. In addition to its multi-layered structure and chip and antenna within its layers, it measures 10x 5 cm and is made of high-quality paper.

Direct toll payments from a moving vehicle are made via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). FASTag debits the bank account linked to the personal identification number directly each time the toll is paid. In addition, it will reduce traffic congestion on the highways by encouraging cashless payments. Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and IMPS are all accepted for recharging an SBI FASTag online.

The features of SBI FASTag

  • The SBI FASTag eliminates the requirement of carrying cash or thinking about the exact change for toll payments.
  • Toll Cashbacks- The SBI FASTag program is currently offering a 2.5% monthly cashback on toll transactions until March 31, 2020.
  • Transit time is shortened when the SBI FASTag debits the exact amount for the toll so that you can move faster through the toll places.
  • Using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, or IMPS, you can recharge SBI FASTag online.
  • Text message alerts—Alerts about unpaid tolls, low balances, etc., on registered mobiles.

FASTag offers the following benefits:

SBI FASTags offer the following benefits:

  1. Up to 31 March 2020, get 2.5% cashback at National Highways Toll Plazas when you use your credit card.
  2. SBI FASTags expire after three years.
  3. The SBI’s authorized service providers offer prepaid recharges for your SBI FASTag account.
  4. Online recharging is possible with a credit card, debit card, net banking, digital wallet, etc.
  5. Users can view their past toll payments, transactions, and balances in their prepaid accounts on the web portal.
  6. For low balances, toll transactions, etc., receive SMS alerts.

Detailed information about the FASTag

Although FASTag makes paying your toll tax easier and convenient than ever before, there are some points you need to understand before you use the system.

  • Toll plazas across the country may use FASTag regardless of who acquires them.
  • The FASTag is mounted on the front windscreen.
  • The FASTag for every four-wheeler you own must be unique. There can be only one FASTag per vehicle.
  • FASTags are valid for 5 years after they have been purchased. Upon initial purchase of the FASTag, it can be recharged according to your needs.
  • Recharging the FASTag online via debit cards, credit cards, Paytm, and UPI are all options. A FASTag recharge starts at 100 rupees and can go up to 1 lakh rupees.
  • Only trustable banking partners should be used to purchase FASTags.
  • If a company asks you to link your bank account when purchasing a FASTag, do not purchase it from them. For the FASTag, it is always best to use prepaid service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the process for recharging the SBI FASTag?

There are several ways to reload a State Bank of India FASTag card. Besides the net banking facility, payment can also be made with a debit card, credit card, UPI, Paytm, or Google Pay. State Bank of India FASTags can be recharged through all of these methods.

2. Does the State Bank of India FASTag have an expiration date?

FASTags issued by the State Bank of India have a three-year guarantee period. While the amount recharged will remain available for use for the guarantee period, your card will also remain theft-free.

3. In a particular location, what if tolls were charged repeatedly?

Your SBI FASTag customer care number should be contacted if there is an error and the amount is deducted more than once. Your mobile number may be contacted in case you qualify for a refund or explanation.

4. State Bank of India FASTag uses what technology?

State Bank of India’s FASTag uses Radio Frequency Identification technology. By connecting with your GPS, your vehicle can be located instantly at the toll plaza, and the toll amount is instantly deducted.

5. My State Bank of India FASTag is attached to my vehicle. Can I remove it?

Yes, you do not want SBI FASTag associated with your car if you have sold it or for any other reason.

Please provide a written request with relevant documents to the bank for the cancellation of the FASTag. You will receive your security deposit within 48 hours of linking your account.

6. SBI offers rewards to customers who purchase FASTags?

Customers of the State Bank of India can activate the FASTag card from their accounts and receive benefits. A net banking account is required for customers to take advantage of SBI rewards. All customers of SBI bank do not receive the same treatment.

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