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Earth Day 2022 | Google celebrate doodle with earth day 2022

 Today’s annual Earth Day Doodle addresses one of the most pressing topics of our time: climate change. 

Using real time-lapse imagery from Google Earth Timelapse and other sources, the Doodle shows the impact of climate change across four different locales around our planet. Stay tuned throughout the day to view these scenes, each remaining on the homepage for several hours at a time.


Today’s Doodle includes real imagery from:

Mt. Kilimanjaro | Tanzania, Africa
Glacier retreat at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Images taken each December annually from 1986 to 2020
See more on Google Earth




Sermersooq | Greenland
Glacier retreat in Greenland

Images taken each December annually from 2000 to 2020
See more on Google Earth




Great Barrier Reef | Australia
Coral bleaching on Lizard Island, Australia

Images taken each month from March to May 2016
See more on Google Earth

Courtesy of The Ocean Agency




Harz Forests | Elend, Germany
Forests destroyed by bark beetle infestation
due to rising temperatures and severe drought 

Images taken each December annually from 1995 to 2020
See more on Google Earth

Acting now and together to live more sustainably is necessary to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Go here to learn more about climate change and how you can take action.



This Earth Day, learn how Google Earth Timelapse is being used in partnership with other technologies and programs to empower everyone to take climate action across our planet’s cities, oceans, and forests.


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